Macrame hanging pot

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If you google Macreme hanging pot there would be about 286,000 results (0.20 seconds) but I got my inspiration from Skinny LaMinx: Hanging Succulent Garden

I think I will get thicker poly mason line or twist two different colours to create rainbow affect.

new home for succulents: Macrame and canned glass jars


Study Room: before and after with modular boxes

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Wednesday quick before & after with my tiny study room. I have fussed with the arrangement so many times. I wish I had taken pictures with each iteration. Here is the ‘temporary permanent’ solution with mounting storage boxes (who knows what I will do to it in the future). The only thing I need to do is to line the back of the box with pretty decorative papers which I have not purchased. Stay tune!

Decorative Contact Paper bookshelf

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Vancouver weather has been very lousy. I know, I know. I am sorry we are not in an elector so I will spare you the weather talk. Our relationship is better than that.
Old habits died hard. I have been rearranged furniture again. There is this window nook in my study that I have fixated to utilize for no good reason. So, I turned to good old Craigslist. Bam, there it is. The perfect size pine shelf to fit into this window nook. Everyone is so in love with the flower carvings and gold paints. Well, I am not so keen. I tried spray painting. It did not turn out too hot. After a few days of watching the rain, a light bulb went on in my head. I am going to contact paper this puppy. Here is the before, after and the most anticipated middle.

not yet perfect bookcase

Before: not yet perfect bookcase

nook with shelf

After: the perfect shelf

Here is what you need:
1. Contact paper (3 rolls for me)
2. Scissor, knife
3. Level (laser one if you like)
Time Spent: one hour
Cost: $1 per roll contact and $5 bookshelf (I hope you are as lucky as me)

Here are the steps:
step by step

I used the left overs to cover my cable organizers previously as toilet paper rolls.

My Very Own Herringbone Bedroom

February 13, 2012 § 4 Comments

I got a bit time today to write an update on this overdue herringbone bedroom project. Brace yourself, here comes the long tutorial.

Happy Dance in the background. * I changed the light myself too, mighty proud.

Material Needed:

1. Angel brush, foam brush and roller: trust me on this, it would save you a lot of time.

2. Tape: I went with Frog tape; it worked as promised without much dripping. (mine is 0.94 in)

3. Level (laser one if you like)

4. Ladder (I used my tall boy for reaching my 10f ceiling height. I live life dangerously but you should be real careful)

5. Tape measure, pencil..etc. you get the drill.

Time Spent: one hour of planning, 2.5 hours of taping and 4 hours of painting.

Cost: less than $200 including paint. (I have chosen Light french gray and Arctic Ocean from Behr collection to create the herringbone pattern)

Step 1: Planning.

I first started by measuring my wall (132 inches by 100 inches) and did some simple planning. Locate the center of your room both horizontally and vertically. As you can see from my rough drawing of the plan, I continue to divide the room by half. Through this process, I decided on the width of my herringbone being 12.5 inches vertically, 16.5 inches horizontally. I then made a template to help with the markings.

Simple Math Plan and Primitive Template

Step 2: Marking

Using your eyes, brain, tape measure to locate the center of the room horizontally and vertically as per your plan. Mark with pencil (lightly). My horizontal marks are 66 in, 33 in, 16.5 in one side and the other sides were 82.5 in, 99 in, 115.5 in and 132 in just for your reference in case you cant read my rough plan; repeat the same process with your vertically marks.

Beginning to take shape

Step 3: Taping

This is getting exciting. You will start to realize if you like the width. A pattern like Herringbone would benefit from some symmetry so don’t be discouraged if you need to steer away from your original plan. It happens sometimes; seeing is believing.

I use level when I tape so I know that my line is straight. You could invest in a laser level and it will make your life easier. But, I like to torture myself and just probably (not most definitely), I am cheap.

Step 4: eh, tape the whole room including ceiling and baseboard.

The route I took for taping the V shape is to connect the marks you did. A rule of thumb is to always connect the same side of the tape (tape width is 0.94 in) for consistency.

Also, remove the electric and outlet covers in case I fail to mention.

Painting in Progress

Step 5: Painting

Learn from my mistake please. My herringbone pattern consists of three colours: the original egg shell (where the tape is covered) and the other two alternating colours to realize the pattern.

a) use foam brush to dab around the border of the tape so the paint builds up  (better yet, go over it first with the colour that’s covered by tape, meaning use the paint would be left off when you peel off the tape.  This is to prevent any paint bleeding then go over it with the first colour of the herringbone pattern. The way I see it is this, if you take the time to do this, less touch up time.

b) don’t pour your paint into a different tray (I know this sounds like common sense and would be extremely stupid but…)

c) use foam brush first then when painting second coat, use the roller (don’t cheap out on roller otherwise you may have to do a third coat)

d) when painting the second coat,  make sure your rolling motion and pressure are even since it will be painfully obvious to notice the strokes in different light conditions.

first coat of both colours

Step 6: Pull off the tape

When you feel that you have finished painting the second coat, before the paint is completely dried, peel off the tape from bottom SLOWLY. Resist the temptation of going super fast; I know this is fun but I had to do few touch ups since the tape took the base coat off. (I think that’s the reason or it maybe because I did the taping the night before and the frog tape is too strong. Who knows)


Step 7: Touch ups

Hopefully, you are one of the lucky fews that you don’t have to do any touch ups. Your plan is completed without a hitch and you did not see any bleeding of paint. Your hands were steady when you taped and painted. If so, go do your happy dance, you will enjoy it for months and months to come. I know I am.

Stripes in my bathroom

February 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

Painting in progress

As promised in previous post, I have finally finished putting up the shelves in my bathroom for much needed storage. I digress. Here I am, revealing the process of painting the stripes in my bathroom. I have chosen light french gray and quiet moment from Behr collection. All the colours I have gone with are reminiscent of nature: the deepest part of the ocean or mid summers day when there is no a cloud in sight, calm and tranquil.

I have large tiles surrounding my deep shaker bath. When came to decide on the width of the stripes, I followed the tile size for continuity. It worked out.

Material Needed:

1. Angel brush, foam brush and roller: trust me on this, it would save you a lot of time.

2. Tape: I went with Frog tape; it worked as promised without much dripping.

3. Level

4. Tape measure, pencil..etc. you get the drill.

I started off by taping the ceiling edges and trims. Well, if you have a steady hand, you can pro and just cut around the corners. See if it works, it’s just paint and patience.

I measured and taped with the assistance of my handy level. Following that, I paint around the tapes using my foam brush to make sure I create depth with first coat of paint so I didn’t have to deal with paint bleeding over. Then, I alternated the colour, rinse and repeat.

It is ‘stripe post’ so I think you figured that part out already.

After: floating display boxes as storage solution

I have always liked the modular boxes and since all of the little life’s essentials are light weight for me in bathroom. I went with 2 sets of display boxes to add visual interest and solved my storage problem. You may see this as clutter but I like everything out so I don’t forget their existence.


Dreaming in grayish blues

January 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

Sample Colours By Behr

I have been MIA for a while, a long while. But, great news!  I picked my wall colours.

After having paint chips and staring at them for a few months, it is inevitable that I would wake up one morning and take some real action: I bought samples sizes. They are all in the grayish blues: Light French Gray, Arctic Ocean and Quiet Moment. (There is a 4th colour in my image that turned purplish (silver service) that I later booted)

Paint is such an economical way of taking your style up a notch. I made a pact with myself to only use 3 colours but create solids and patterns to finish my condo. (Total spending: less than $200)

Here is the Grand Plan:

(Sneak previews I will be creating individual posts to provide more pictures and processes)

Living Space and Peeks of the striped bathroom



1. Paint Living and dining open concept space

Take advantage of a coupon offer of a painter service (thanks MOO) to lessen my workload and by doing so, it made sure my plan is more feasible since the wall height is 10f high. For the TV/Gallery Wall, it goes Quiet Moment and the adjacent wall, it would be painted Arctic Ocean.

2. Doing stripes in my bathroom.

using Light French Gray and Quiet Moment. If you couldn’t decide how wide of stripes to paint, I was lucky enough to base that decision on my bathroom tiles to echo the existing structure.

Updated on Feb 10th, 2012 on Stripes in my bathroom.



Herringbone Bedroom

3. Creating Herringbone or chevron patterns in my bedroom.

With original developer Eggshell white, Light French Gray and Arctic Ocean, this is serious business that took 1 hour of planning, 3 hours of taping and 4 hours of painting. It is so worth the effort and  the result is more than amazing. To my mom’s comment, I will be waking up with Victory. (hence the V sign)

Updated on Feb 13th, 2012 on My Very Own Herringbone Bedroom

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update: New Gap logo is yikes&LOL (offer included)

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A lot of buzzing or shall I say ‘hatred’ surrounds the new Gap logo; even though I say ‘yikes’ and laugh out load when I saw the new design but I do agree with fashionista‘s Dhani Mau: ‘what’s so good about the original?’ Sometimes, a change is good.

The new logo tanked; the immediate response from Gap facebook page is to make this a crowd sourcing project to see if the public would come up with something grand. At least, Gap is staying on top of the social media trend to turn this bad publicity into something more, shall we say, less disastrous. I can’t wait to be honest as I often think that infinity number of heads are better than one head.

I like this discussion on the Gap logo revisited; I hope you enjoy it too.

My favorite yoga wear store, lululemon is doing an experiment (I hope) to express their love/hate for the recent Gap logo reinvention. It is working; I find it funny.

oh!  you can shop Gap online in Canada now. I am sure this is not coincidental; Gap Canada is running additional 25% on sale items online which expires on 11th of October 2010.

Coupon Code: GAP25SALE | Discount: 25% off sale items | Expires: 11th October 2010


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