Hanging mirror before and after

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Super simple DIY with decorative duct tape; it does wonders tho.

decorative duct tape


lateral thinking of tic tac

March 29, 2012 § 4 Comments

I love tic tac even after I finish them

Here is a very simple DIY: consume and recycle
You can also use the container to store pins, tiny hair elastic bands, tooth picks…etc

Fancy up the mundane

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Here is another no-brainer DIY in simple step 1. 2. 3
Often, it is the easiest change that makes the big impact.

STEP1: find a simple object.
STEP2: decorative duct tape.
STEP3: Voila.

Frame up the ordinary

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Someone once told me that good clothes open all doors. Same goes for a simple thermostat. I was thinking of changing it to a fancier digital one and going all techno but I have been carrying a portable heater with me instead of heating up the entire space.

I had some wall decals lying around so I dressed up the plain old thermostat. By putting a decorative frame around, It is ordinary no more.

frame up the orodinary.jpg

frame up the orodinary

distress stool before and after

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I have in possession of ODDVAR stools I got from yard sale years ago. The pair of them has lived through reinvention after reinvention. They were light green, reformed to light beige then stain to dark reddish brown. Now, they are being sprayed orange in a distress look.

Here is what you need:
1. stool, or it could be a tray
2. tape (i used frog tape)
3. sprays (I used rust oleum spray paint in glossy real orange and smoke gray)
Time Spent: 24 hours including drying time.

After stool are dried over night, I used sand paper to create the distress look (sandpaper grit 100). It is purely a personal choice plus, the weather was too cold so my paint job was not perfect. I sanded away all the imperfection. Great disguise.


Patterned Study Ceiling

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I have always wanted a patterned ceiling. It could be a simple paint treatment, mill work, faux finish, tiles, mirrors…etc. The possibilities are endless. It is also a great way to add drama and dimension to any room.

Stripe Ceiling

Stripe Ceiling with Vibrant colour via pinterest

Pressed Tin Ceiling Treatment

Pressed Tin Ceiling Treatment via Architecture Depo

coffered ceiling

coffered ceiling

After My very own herringbone bedroom, I looked at my study ceiling and say to myself: this is a manageable ceiling size, let’s try to tackle it! Here it is less than 3 hours:

Modular Boxes

March 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

I came across 2 pieces of long shelves (about 70 inches) that have already been stained in teak. On the weekend, I drove down to my friend who has a table sew and air gun. My friend quickly made 45 degree cuts. We then glued and nailed them together. I did not have enough wood to make backs for the box and it was getting too heavy as I plan to mount it on the wall like my other boxes.

I ended up just stacking them on top of my bookcase but hey, the height (about 22 inches) is just enough to be a stool for extra seating when I have people over. What are the chances of that?

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