count my Thursday blessings

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I have all kinds of wonderful blessings to celebrate:

Moselland Piesporter Michelsberg

1. Today is as Good as any to raise your glass. I had some Sushi with this affordable German Riesling (3 stars?). The reason mostly because I wanted to try something other than Loosen Bros. – Dr. L Riesling which is 5 gold stars in my book even though it is from similar region and the alcohol level is only 9%, perfect for waking up fresh the next day.

2. “everyday, in every way, I am getting better and better.” is my brand-new motto.

3. I don’t waste food but I am even more thankful for all the wonderful food that I can have after watching this documentary, 6 powerful minutes.

4. I cried with the baby when I saw this video diary of my friend; I can relate the uncontrollable urge to cry when you see your mom. I am thankful for my mom.

5. For unknown reasons this year, I have taken an interest in reading astrology; it is something abstract yet profound: “There is a thought that we create our own suffering because we continue to cling to material possessions, behaviors, beliefs and ideas that we need to release in order to move to our higher-self.” I am a Capricorn; I love what I am.

6. One meanings of life from this adorable film is to Love What You Have; I do love what I have.

7. After having a conversation with a friend of mine, I walked away with a great advise to not just learn to keep quite but instead to really face my fear and make a change that lasts me the rest of my life. I was reminded that it will be a prolonged limbo if I don’t deal with my limitations head on and the experience will reinvent itself again to test me again. Ask myself what I have learned from the experience instead of why. Despite racked and riddled by doubt, I am finding myself almost magically equipped with whatever I need; I considered a great fortune. To friends and great advices.

8. It contains 365 days, 8,760 hours, approximately half a million minutes, about 31 million seconds. All you need is one of those seconds to bring you a moment of truth. I know I am going though something profound and I have been yapping that it is hard with tears. When I’m feeling most anxious or just most inclined to think it’s never going to happen, it’s a mental block I have to overcome; an emotional impediment that I have to get past. It’s only going to take a second but the benefits are going to last a lifetime. It may not be happily ever after but I will be a lot happier for a long time to come. I am glad I remember why I am making this journey.

9. The best dessert for me now is yogurt and fruit parfait

10. Biking from 47th Main to UBC took about 2 hours (long I know); it was my first and I am hoping many more to come. Thank you summer (and moo & Gorilla)


count my Wednesday blessings

September 1, 2010 § 3 Comments

best wake me up

my morning master piece

I am just blessed:

1. I do enjoy the debate of ‘is coffee good for you?‘ Like most, I have trouble functioning before having my first cup of joe in my system early (yes, I do know it is probably habitual). Finally, I have the routine done with all the paraphernalia purchased: Energizer Exceptional Value Charger to go with my Aerolatte and stovetop espresso maker, Bialetti with italian Lavazza espresso produces the best wake-me-up.

2. I miss my siblings. Some of you may know that I come from a traditional/modern (or is it transitional?) family with four kids,

女 (nǔ) and 子 (zǐ) Excellent

2 boys and 2 girls so boy, girl, girl, boy (derived from ancient Chinese charactor: it is excellent to have 2 sons and 2 daughters, silly I know); I am the second, the older daughtor. We are apart, continentally apart: Dr. Ho, the older brother just moved to Ottawa for his new specialized training position (don’t ask me what, something medical related) from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am living and breathing in Vancouver, BC, Canada. After her MA in Education, my sister decided to work for an non-profile organization for mentally challenged in Nantou, Taiwan closer to my parents. As for my little brother, he is writing his dissertation for his Msc. in Healthcare Management in UK after the medical degree in University of Beijing in China. I can honest say that we are overachievers academically. Today, I sent my younger brother, youngest of the four my blog; he commented: ‘that is stupid” so i sent him THIS. (parental advised). Such a class act, wouldn’t’ you agree?

3. To Friendship: I was complaining about my lower back pain when my one of my newly acquired disposable young friends innocently said ‘it’s not your posture; it’s aging.’ I didn’t react to it instead I pay it forward. On the phone with my workout buddy, she said ‘some areas I am fat like my tummy’ I replied without any functioning common sense ‘it’s not fat; it’s aging’ I am blessed I have nice friends and I really do not understand the concept of paying it forward.

4. Be prepared to have your fridge cleared if you invite me over for anything. One of my great great friends Swin Nung Chai is going to be married to Sunny Leung on Sept 19th 2010. I was graciously invited over for a pre-wedding meeting until I had a piece of chocolate mouse cake, red bean ice cream, lemon tart cookie, her left over, sweet and sour pork and osabi fried shrimp and some of sunny’s cheese and a lot of green tea in 3 hours. By the time I left, I had a sugar crash. (Mr. sugar you let me down) I am really just living by “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” – Steve Jobs

5. Social media in action where I make a good effort to tweet, digg and stumble contents in the www sphere, I always Like but often shocked when appreciation is shown. Blessed that I got “@every3rdthought Thanks for the linkluv! from richi” and I belong to “@Phanyxx/yvr-cool-tweeps Your tweets are like a ray of sunshine in November” list.

6. Never walk in bakery when hungry but universe works in mysterious ways that I got moo’s famous banana bread in exchange for Sally’s cinnamon buns. delic~

7. The word is ‘HUSSLE‘; The song is “The Climb“; The quote by Dr. Vickery is “Fight on! The one’s who make it are not the best or the strongest, but the one’s who persist !!’ I am blessed by the inspirations and spiritual dimension.

my summer love

8 .blueberry bliss! I am so going to miss it!

9. Not only did I have huge mutant sun flower plants in my backyard to make ma smile but the other night, I had 3 visitors trans-passing in the middle of the night. Gotta love the city!

10. SALSA fun tonight!

count my Tuesday blessings

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After my Counting Monday blessings last week, I have decided to make this a regular post except I am counting blessings on a Tuesday this week, then Wednesday the following week…etc. Got the idea?

I am grateful:

1. as my salsa partner blew a breath into my face after I complained about the heat; his breath did not stink.

2. I got Kettle Chip, Honey Dijon at sale price of $1.99 at my local grocery shop East West Market.

3. Moo brought over hot pot ingredients, vegetarian style; I can’t wait to try it.

4. armless pianist for inspiration, Marc Monday email for comfort, Clara’s smile for warmth and this picture for laughter.

5. I am making contacts in great companies like Vision Critical, Arc`teryx and Obakki.

6. for 72 followers on twitter and 2 recommendations on ‘My Salsa Week in Vancouver’ post on NowPublic.

7. my daily phone call with my parents oversea; I had a heartfelt conversation today.

8. free, accessible, present and not-so-guilty simple pleasure of the almost full moon tonight; I stood underneath in awe.

9. for Aldo gold oxford shoes to help my double salsa turns; oh dr. Scholl’s is hidden inside.

10. Another power outage did not hit my hood; I was lucky to have been stricken twice already.

count my Monday blessings

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Rubens LP

It is almost midnight on a Monday night. I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude today even though at times, I feel tossed about on the sea of life. There is this sense of isolation that I feel but I am marching on with my own beat. Compelled to count my blessings today, I am so grateful that:

1. I have my salsa lesson with much laughter.

2. my neighbour kids remembered that they came into my house, had Mario’s Gelati green tea ice cream and pancakes 3 years ago; they said it was a great day.

3. I am eating pancakes with blue berry at 11 p.m.

4. I live in the best city in the world, Vancouver.

5. I have a daily phone conversation with my parents.

6. I have great friends that I can text all the time-7/24.

7. I can give out my unexpired bus saver to the next person without being caught; recession.

8. I experienced calm when summer breeze hits my face in the hottest days of Vancouver.

9. I get to complain; people listen to them.

10. I got my hair done.

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