Vancouver Arcteryx Factory Store Sale UP TO 80% OFF*

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Arc’teryx, one of my favorite outdoor clothing manufacturers, is having one of their factory sales next week.

UP TO 80% OFF*  Shop Early:
FRI Oct. 15 6pm–MIDNIGHT
SAT Oct. 16 10am–6pm
SUN Oct. 17 10am–6pm
(store closed THU and FRI prior to sale)

• Product restocked daily
• Additional 10% off sale prices on all XXL
• PLUS, additional 10% off all items Sunday only

#100 – 2155 Dollarton Hwy
North Vancouver Map (click for map)

PLUS: Enter the contest for your
chance to WIN an Arc’teryx
product of your choice**



update: New Gap logo is yikes&LOL (offer included)

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A lot of buzzing or shall I say ‘hatred’ surrounds the new Gap logo; even though I say ‘yikes’ and laugh out load when I saw the new design but I do agree with fashionista‘s Dhani Mau: ‘what’s so good about the original?’ Sometimes, a change is good.

The new logo tanked; the immediate response from Gap facebook page is to make this a crowd sourcing project to see if the public would come up with something grand. At least, Gap is staying on top of the social media trend to turn this bad publicity into something more, shall we say, less disastrous. I can’t wait to be honest as I often think that infinity number of heads are better than one head.

I like this discussion on the Gap logo revisited; I hope you enjoy it too.

My favorite yoga wear store, lululemon is doing an experiment (I hope) to express their love/hate for the recent Gap logo reinvention. It is working; I find it funny.

oh!  you can shop Gap online in Canada now. I am sure this is not coincidental; Gap Canada is running additional 25% on sale items online which expires on 11th of October 2010.

Coupon Code: GAP25SALE | Discount: 25% off sale items | Expires: 11th October 2010


The Saturday Only 40% off @ Ricki’s*

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I just spotted that Ricki’s is offering 40% off one regularly priced item both in stores and online.

This coupon is only valid on Saturday, October 9, 2010.

Buying online: simply enough, there is no need of using a coupon code when purchasing online, it will automatically take 40% off on the highest priced regular priced item in your shopping cart. To make the deal even sweater, you can put the coupon code FIVESHIP to get $5 ground shipping.

Click HERE to shop Rickis online

Visiting the store: you will need to bring in a printable coupon to get 40% off on a regular on item in store.

Click Here to print 40% off coupon

Here for store location across Canada

I saw bargain moose posted the same shout-out for the fashion that works.

$10 waterless care wash @ Ecowash, Richmond

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A few weeks ago, I had heard the what I thought was hype about a certain waterless car wash, so as a curious cat, I decided to check it out. How Amazing! They do not use any water at all, just some solution to wipe the exterior of your beloved car; not only that, they totally did an awesome job of cleaning my interior. I paid full price on that day but feel good about what I did for mother nature (actually, I was more excited about a clean car)

Today, I got a daily deal email from Social Shopper and the coupon is for Ecowash, the waterless car wash at the cost of $10, a complete interior and exterior car cleaning; a coupon that is good for 12 months and please stock up because I did and got a few as gifts for lazy girlfriends of mine! how I love the power of social shopping, You and Me, together we save!

BUY HERE! oh, you got 1 day 5hrs 51 mins xx secs when this is published!

oh you would probably find 10$ worth of coins by removing stuff from your car so it may just be free for you! so BUY!

Obakki warehouse sale 2010

October 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

14 Thursday 11-8 |15 Friday 11-8 | 16 Saturday 10-5

141 W. 7th ave | Cash/Credit accepted.

More info:

Review from previous year:

Re: Obakki Warehouse Sale

Did anyone go? The prices really were amazing!! I’ve always admired Obakki but never been able to afford their stuff, but they really, really marked down their prices! (Was my first time at their sale…did they do this last year?) All shirts/blouses were $30, jackets for $60, coats for $75…I think dresses were $50 and pants were relatively cheap too but I didn’t look too closely at those. They had a reasonable selection for sizes 0-12 (mostly 4-6). I got a puffy charcoal coat with a cinch belt for $75 (reg. $600), 2 fitted asymetrical jackets for $60 each (reg. $495 and $525) and a cool sheer faint pink patchwork flowy blouse for $30 (regular $410), oh and a simple cream colored scarf for $10 (don’t know the regular price). So basically I got over $2000 worth of clothing for $235 and they’re all pieces I love! Very, very happy. 🙂 (from this link)

Clearance Sale Officially On – Breathe Yoga Wear

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2008 Manitoba Street, Vancouver (@ 4th Avenue)

Pants $10 | Shorts $10 | Tops $10 | Jackets $15 | Mats 2 for $20

M-F noon-5pm @ 2008 Manitoba Street Vancouver BC Canada

I have been to the ‘Breath Sample Sale’ about 3 times in the past 1.5 years; I have worn their stuff so it’s easy for me to endorse.  It is no lululemon so it doesn’t come with that kind of price tags, designs or selections.

The FIT:

I usually try every single piece on before I make a purchase. Their fit is on the loose side. My friend and I are usually a size apart but with dry fit, she gets a size smaller so it fit her just right and looser on me. Their Yoga pants on the other hand are very fitted so please be sure to try multiple ones on even if they are the same colour; each may very well mould to your body differently.

What I have Purchased:

I have purchased their short sleeve dry fit in xs,  every single colour in the selection so white, black, red, light purple, blue and dark blue.

Yoga pants: for summer months, I have purchased the Capri style in brown and green. It has a drawstring waistband and the leg is cropped to the calf with a back slits. This style is a little lower rise than I would have liked, finding myself doing the annoying and graceless pull- it-up while I workout. As for the colder times, I would go with the Roll Down Pant in full length which I find very versatile if I wanted more warmth around my tummy with the rise up when I leave gym into the coldest winter night.

I love their mats and have got them in purple and red. After washing them a couple of time, I find them softer than ever. Big thumbs up for the price I spent. (maybe I don’t know any better since this is the first and only mat I have ever purchased; maybe there are ones with some crazy thread counts)

Breath Yoga Wear on display

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