Good Eats: Ba Le Sandwich Shop Chinatown Vancouver

March 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

I must confess. I can have three of these sandwiches in one sitting; I am not sure if it is a good thing.

It has a longstanding history of reasonable price (cheap). My friend came over to visit with some of these cold cuts today, a lovely Sunday.  Nothing beats simple pleasures like this, great company and great food.

Now my virtual friends, Go try it if you come visit.

633 Main St Vancouver, BC (close to china town)


What to order at MuiGarden Restaurant before Salsa at the Forum

August 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Mui Garden on UrbanspoonBorn in Taiwan, my parents have parachuted me down for school and I have been in Vancouver, the most livable city in the world on and off ever since. Currently residing around main street, one of the trendiest and up-coming neighbourhoods is my hood. Being single and all (plus laziness), I have been doing a lot of eating-outs this year. I used to enjoy cooking and cooking but that’s behind me now (I do hope it’s just a phase; I can still remember the pleasure of searching for recipes, shopping for ingredients, cleaning, dicing and finally patting myself on the back for a job well done)

It was Wednesday yesterday. You guessed it; It’s the Wednesday Salsa at the Forum. We had some VIP passes left (FREE tickets can be pick up at Don Guacamoles at 1333 Robson St.) and my new salsa friends are royal followers and devoted students of Alfonzo Caldera, lead instructor at Bravo Dance Company. He was giving a free beginning lesson and put together a performance so I decided to look into what the hype was about (Mehhh..Alfonzo is alright; I am just a part of Rogerism, to each its own)

I digress. (this is my most repeated term, hence the name of my blog; I can not keep my thoughts still)

MuiGarden Menu

A party of 5 in MuiGarden Restaurant at 7:34 pm on the dot, this is the third time this month I have frequented, partly because of
the New Fish Soup Noodle Combo for $7.75 (after the evil HST and tips, it is under $10).


1. SOUP BASE: you have selection of 4-5 different kind of fish soup bases.

2. TOPPINGS: then you pick 2 toppings out of 8-12 different kinds of ingredients.

3. NOODLES: to complete the dish, you have choice of the types of noodles you like.

OHHH..It’s not over yet, it comes with a drink, my personal favourite is HK lemon tea (my faithful pick-me-up)

My order

Usually, I go with pumpkin and tomato soup base; my toppings would be beef balls, fish puff and thick rice noodles. YUM!

Four of us went with this special except an unwise man ordered dried curry with noodles before salsa; On top of that, he was re-inventing the way Asians pick up noodles, twirling the noodles with his chopsticks and making a small nest like how Italians do it. He should be so thankful that he didn’t reek of all the spices combined with sweat, not sexy.

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