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> says: (12:02:28 AM)
in the grey, there is a flicker in my heart
violent tingle.
lingering emotion.
that might push me to fly.
> says: (12:03:45 AM)
(maybe one day, someday soon, i can thank you for making me fly)


world of difference

November 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

I have a service announcement to make. (in case you are going to be looking for me) Debbie will not be available in Vancouver because she is flying home the end of May (sorry for referring myself again in third person. i am doing this because it annoys T*** in case you are reading this) There is going to be a huge wedding, first one in my family in Nantou, Taiwan. (For those of whom needs a geography lesson ( Im pretty bad at it) Nantou is second largest county in Taiwan and it is also the only country which does not share a border with the ocean. Its mountainous area makes it a tourist destination; The Sun Moon Lake is pretty impressive before the earthquake hit us)

I am going to skip how i am going to get pampered, spoiled, put on a pedestal (i love you too dad but i am no longer 5) and possibly getting the Spanish inquisition on why I am not married with 2 kids (they dont really speak spanish so..). I bet my mom will brag again and again how mature she was when she is at my age now (show-off). Instead, I must congratulate my brother for taking the suicidal plunge, saying ‘i do’ to the woman of his dream. (well done on getting a hottie too).

I have seen the eternal wonder of spring in their eyes and i feel hopeful.

Beware of pop psychology

April 8, 2007 § Leave a comment

Since this is my first post on my blog on Easter Holiday, it goes to show how none-religious i am. Although, i do wish to be at Bucharest, watching all the parades and beautifully painted Easter eggs. I miss travelling, simply wandering on the streets of unknown. Yet, i am settled here uncomfortably into the professional working life.
Sometimes, i wonder if this is it. I wonder if it’s just pure pop psychology: the thought of the origin. I have been on a certain path: student, work, marriage,(maybe baby) death. I believe i am expiring. i am just going through the motion of life, day in and day out, what is preventing me to be the real me?
oh well, i blame it on myself. ^^

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