update: New Gap logo is yikes&LOL (offer included)

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A lot of buzzing or shall I say ‘hatred’ surrounds the new Gap logo; even though I say ‘yikes’ and laugh out load when I saw the new design but I do agree with fashionista‘s Dhani Mau: ‘what’s so good about the original?’ Sometimes, a change is good.

The new logo tanked; the immediate response from Gap facebook page is to make this a crowd sourcing project to see if the public would come up with something grand. At least, Gap is staying on top of the social media trend to turn this bad publicity into something more, shall we say, less disastrous. I can’t wait to be honest as I often think that infinity number of heads are better than one head.

I like this discussion on the Gap logo revisited; I hope you enjoy it too.

My favorite yoga wear store, lululemon is doing an experiment (I hope) to express their love/hate for the recent Gap logo reinvention. It is working; I find it funny.

oh!  you can shop Gap online in Canada now. I am sure this is not coincidental; Gap Canada is running additional 25% on sale items online which expires on 11th of October 2010.

Coupon Code: GAP25SALE | Discount: 25% off sale items | Expires: 11th October 2010



back off, cop!

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coming soon to the everythirdthought near you 🙂

It was pretty tight

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MSN conversation between moo and I
how your interview went man?
it went well i hope to hear back soon
guess what?
after my interview yesterday, i went to DT to have dinner with my friend it was around Thurlow and Barclay where i found a parking
free, even better i thought to myself
i made it in with few inches to spare, sandwiched between a huge VW van and a Jeep
i was a bit worried because those cars might not be able to get out but then around 10-ish after dinner when we arrived at my car, the Jeep owner behind me was already there
he had his engine on i guess warming up his car and admiring how i parked
as i approached my car, he said to me ‘it’s pretty tight how u made it in’
i was like ‘i’m good’
he then commented on the scratches on the back of my car
oh i said ‘someone ran into me’
then he look at the tiny space between his and my car admirably
he said ‘it’s alright coz you are a girl’
most of all, he is very cute (i think it was dark but he is tall for sure)
that’s a great story
i regret
i should have taken a picture

what?! I am a lesbian now?

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ok people, here is the little dirty incident that happened late afternoon yesterday. I was going toward Starbucks on Main street.
As i was walking towards the door, i saw an object moving at warp speed towards the door. It was a stocky build woman hustling through but halted right beside me and said ‘Allow me.”
“oh, ok thanks,” i responded startlingly.

Shortly after, as i was waiting in the long line, she moved beside me to rummage through things on the side table and attempted to initiate conversation with me. It all began with the innocent pickup line like ‘it’s a windy day don’t you think?” the woman with her half torn military khaki shorts and massive pockets said.

I reluctantly answered her questions and all of the sudden, out of blue, she turned to me and said “would you like to go dinner with me.” i was like in my mind having a matrix moment (whao, dude-tress?) Mumbling some words that goes like “what? i dont even know you” was all i could muster to say.

“but i really would like to get to know you.” she was persistent like a little kid trying to get her mom to buy her favourite toy.
“eh..im not a les…i don’t really go that way” as my voices faded under my breath.

Her face crimsoned and out of her shivering voice, “i could have sworn you are a lesbian.”

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