Patterned Study Ceiling

March 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have always wanted a patterned ceiling. It could be a simple paint treatment, mill work, faux finish, tiles, mirrors…etc. The possibilities are endless. It is also a great way to add drama and dimension to any room.

Stripe Ceiling

Stripe Ceiling with Vibrant colour via pinterest

Pressed Tin Ceiling Treatment

Pressed Tin Ceiling Treatment via Architecture Depo

coffered ceiling

coffered ceiling

After My very own herringbone bedroom, I looked at my study ceiling and say to myself: this is a manageable ceiling size, let’s try to tackle it! Here it is less than 3 hours:


Modular Boxes

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I came across 2 pieces of long shelves (about 70 inches) that have already been stained in teak. On the weekend, I drove down to my friend who has a table sew and air gun. My friend quickly made 45 degree cuts. We then glued and nailed them together. I did not have enough wood to make backs for the box and it was getting too heavy as I plan to mount it on the wall like my other boxes.

I ended up just stacking them on top of my bookcase but hey, the height (about 22 inches) is just enough to be a stool for extra seating when I have people over. What are the chances of that?

Good Eats: Ba Le Sandwich Shop Chinatown Vancouver

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I must confess. I can have three of these sandwiches in one sitting; I am not sure if it is a good thing.

It has a longstanding history of reasonable price (cheap). My friend came over to visit with some of these cold cuts today, a lovely Sunday.  Nothing beats simple pleasures like this, great company and great food.

Now my virtual friends, Go try it if you come visit.

633 Main St Vancouver, BC (close to china town)

Macrame hanging pot

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If you google Macreme hanging pot there would be about 286,000 results (0.20 seconds) but I got my inspiration from Skinny LaMinx: Hanging Succulent Garden

I think I will get thicker poly mason line or twist two different colours to create rainbow affect.

new home for succulents: Macrame and canned glass jars

Smart Kitchen Organization Tricks

March 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

So, I am a bit over 5.2f. My ceiling height is almost 9f. It is great and all but my kitchen high cabinets are out of bound for me. I can barely reach the second shelf (yes I tip toe). Because of the handicap, I am constantly finding ways to increase ‘useable’ storage.

I utilized the underside of my high cabinets and mounted door handles to match my existing look.  If you love your cabinet,  you probably woudn’t want to go with this option. I had to drill through the cabinet and screwed from the other side. Beside it, a magnetic knife bar to house all of my cutting needs.

Door handle to hang kitchen paraphernalia and Magmatic Knife bar. Both IKEA.

As for shelving, most people would just install them on kitchen wall; I want to do that too but I have a thing with drilling into tiles. That’s something I have never done and will not attempt to do much like putting holes into concrete ceiling. Big fat NO.

As always, I turned to Craigslist to see if I can find any bookcases to hack. Lucky enough, I found this piece of custom shelving for $10. YES TEN (10) DOLLARS. In its former life, it was used as a bookcase. It can be taken apart entirely. Everything is solid particle wood with veneer and per-drilled holes; it is held together with long screws and knobs. You know what this means? someone has done the work for you and it’s Neat-o!

Here is the Upcycling part:

What I simply did was to have the entire piece shortened to 24 inches so it fits underneath the high cabinet.  As a result, I had two 11-inch wood pieces left to serve as the third leg for lower shelving. I had to drill 2 more holes for the screws that previously did not exist. Some edges will have to be re-veneered.  It worked out perfectly and super duper functional. I finally have a shot at keeping the counter clutter free.

ps. The bottom part will be turned into a seating bench but that’s another story for another time

Study Room: before and after with modular boxes

March 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Wednesday quick before & after with my tiny study room. I have fussed with the arrangement so many times. I wish I had taken pictures with each iteration. Here is the ‘temporary permanent’ solution with mounting storage boxes (who knows what I will do to it in the future). The only thing I need to do is to line the back of the box with pretty decorative papers which I have not purchased. Stay tune!

Decorative Contact Paper bookshelf

March 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Vancouver weather has been very lousy. I know, I know. I am sorry we are not in an elector so I will spare you the weather talk. Our relationship is better than that.
Old habits died hard. I have been rearranged furniture again. There is this window nook in my study that I have fixated to utilize for no good reason. So, I turned to good old Craigslist. Bam, there it is. The perfect size pine shelf to fit into this window nook. Everyone is so in love with the flower carvings and gold paints. Well, I am not so keen. I tried spray painting. It did not turn out too hot. After a few days of watching the rain, a light bulb went on in my head. I am going to contact paper this puppy. Here is the before, after and the most anticipated middle.

not yet perfect bookcase

Before: not yet perfect bookcase

nook with shelf

After: the perfect shelf

Here is what you need:
1. Contact paper (3 rolls for me)
2. Scissor, knife
3. Level (laser one if you like)
Time Spent: one hour
Cost: $1 per roll contact and $5 bookshelf (I hope you are as lucky as me)

Here are the steps:
step by step

I used the left overs to cover my cable organizers previously as toilet paper rolls.

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